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My very best technology recommendations. The theme ties in with my preach content and reasoning.

Tech Tips
I use all of the below technology tips.

We have to switch away from big tech at every opportunity, and this extension helps by automatically redirecting you to the Odysee hosted video that you opened on YouTube. It works a charm.

Proton VPN


Get a free and trusted VPN that allows you to access three countries. Use the app on either your desktop or mobile device to circumvent network snooping and geo-restrictions. I personally use this VPN to access the Infowars website since it's geo-blocked. However, for media streaming purposes, I recommend a different VPN owned by Ziff Davis, which resells White Label VPNs to other companies.

I have organized my preferred technology channels into a single list. If you have a basic understanding of technology, I highly recommend Naomi Brockwell for updates on technology privacy and security. However, for expert advice on technology matters, Rob Braxman is the way to go.

eBook Library


Z-Library provides free access to over 11 million e-books, including current releases. By creating an account, users are given a unique and uncensorable subdomain to easily download any of the available books.

Brave Browser


Get this browser on both your desktop and mobile devices. Use it to block ads and other privacy-harming aspects of the internet, as well as to receive BAT and utilize its built-in torrent client and TOR browser. Furthermore, it is one of the few browsers that natively supports the resolution of .crypto domains.



Here are some popular torrent search sites to use. Simply click the magnet for the desired digital file when using the Brave browser, or paste the magnet link into a BitTorrent client like Transmission to download. To keep up with the latest news in the torrenting world, check out TorrentFreak.

YouTube Dislikes


If you're still using YouTube your bound to find a lot of off material. Use this extension to be able to express your dislike and be able to see it making a difference. There's a case to be had that disliking a video till helps its metrics. Best to avoid the platform.

Download either the APK or the desktop application. Due to legislative issues, the platform has been facing censorship challenges. It's worth noting that Telegram can access all information transmitted through the app. Therefore, I highly recommend using the private end-to-end encrypted chat function to keep your conversations confidential.

Check to see if your email has been part of a data breach. It's crucial to use a unique password for every site you visit. The Brave browser that I recommend comes with a built-in password manager. This manager is encrypted with your browser seed and syncs to all of your devices seamlessly.

Privacy DNS


Switching to Quad9 DNS is an effective way to enhance your online security and privacy without paying for a VPN. This free DNS service is run by the Quad9 Foundation. By changing your private DNS to, you can protect yourself from various cyber threats, such as malware, phishing, spyware, and botnets. In addition to blocking threats, Quad9 DNS can also boost your internet performance while guaranteeing your privacy.

Brave Search


Two private search engines are available for those seeking privacy. The first, Brave Search, builds its own search index and uses Google search as a fallback. It prides itself on being independent, transparent, and community-curated to overcome algorithmic biases. The second option is Startpage, another private search engine.

Further Tips


To discover a plethora of other technology and privacy tips, refer to this site. There are indeed many options, and sometimes abandoning big-tech platforms entirely only requires perseverance.

"Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it." - Nicolás Gómez Dávila